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Originally Posted by JP10 View Post
Hm thats a pretty large jump in calorie intake, that would explain why you put on a little bit of "chub" in the process. If you were to increase those calories incrementally you most likely wouldn't be putting on too much excess fat. For instance increase daily calories by 300/day/week rather then an abrupt 1000cal/day jump. If you give you're body more time to adapt to the calorie intake it will get accustomed to taking in those excess calories and burn them more efficiently. Also cutting the cardio to every other day most likely has an effect too. You can bulk and still do cardio (I do atleast a half hour a day and I can still put weight on).

Free weights should be your go to, but smith machines and other machines have their place to. They allow for more isolated movements to hit certain muscle groups. You don't have to completely cut those out either, just supplement them into certain aspects of your workouts. I would just suggest focusing on a "mind to muscle" connection. If you're doing an DB press on a flat bench you want to feel it in you're chest. If you're feeling too much tension in your shoulders then your form is most likely lacking (just an example).

They key is like you mentioned. Although you're eating more often and larger quantities the type of food you're eating has a purpose and isn't as bad for you. You've already taken a step in the right direction being conscious of what you're eating. I'm in a similar position with a desk job. That said you can make the best of it, I have a standing desk that I utilize often. I probably stand for half of my day if I were to guess. After lunch I'll usually step out of the office for a 15min walk as well, I feel that it helps my digestion process as well as keeps me active to an extent.
+1. Keep your cardio in if only for heart health. Plus it will help keep your metabolism humming along allowing you to eat more. Just as JP10 don't need huge increments in food to make gains....especially if at a desk most of the time.

You said you started tracking calories during your weight loss journey. So you already got this whipped man! Just do the same with bulking. Sometimes it only takes 100-200 calories a day extra to get the surplus you need.

For example when I left for vacation, I was cutting on about 2900 calories. When I get back, I plan to only raise my calories by 200 a day. I will stay there until weight gain comes to a halt, then increase by another 200 calories. And then I just rinse and repeat. This allows your body to add muscle while keeping fat increase to a minimal.

Before you know it, you will be eating 3500 calories a day and carrying enough muscle to support it.

Also don't underestimate the value of staying as lean as you can while bulking. I bet as skinny as you thought you were, you looked bigger than most people thought.

In the off season I stay around 210lbs. Now I'm 192lbs and people at the gym thought I was actually gaining weight. It's an illusion.

You got this man.....we all have your back!!!
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