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Originally Posted by messm6 View Post
I should have mine in two days and Its going right on the beast! The welds give it character. Cant wait to hear and feel the difference!
Originally Posted by bigbrian View Post
^^ Now that is a hell of a response. Appreciate the input you provided being you have welding experience.

I was going to say something silly about the only character I want to see is the one driving the car that is rapidly disappearing in my rear view mirror. But I don't do that sort of stuff anymore. Oh, I do enjoy the driving but the competition isn't my thing. I guess those actuary tables are right, one does behave more sensibly when they are older. But I am rediscovering that I still get a charge out of the tuning aspect.

Funny or not so funny nonsense aside, I am very interested in hearing your report on the difference.