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Originally Posted by evilb View Post
I love the concept, and it is without a doubt the best sounding and performing intake on the market. That being said, am I the only one that is dissapointed with the quality of the welds? They're incredibly visible, and look fairly inconsistent. For the price, I was hoping for closer to 'perfect' looking welds.

It's possible I'm being overly critical, but just my $0.02.
I am with you on good welds. I think these are plenty good ones though maybe not cosmetically perfect.

With most welding a nice bead is okay but what you are after is strength and good penetration. For this kind of thing the strength is not an issue - it's all cosmetics and a good seal. Having done a lot of this very thing (though quite some time ago) I know it takes a bit of time to develop that technique on thin wall tubing when you are used to what is more conventional welding. There also are some affects that come out with coatings. We painted the pipes where I learned to weld. At my current place we do a lot of Cerakoting. Bead blasting is the first step and occasionally material is removed. The weld and tubing next to it are of different hardness (hardness changes with the heat from the welding process and how you cool it) and can react differently to the bead blasting. Plus the coatings will likely augment or highlight some things that were not apparent before. The only way to tell for sure would be to see the welds before the other work.

I just got my M6 a few weeks ago and started looking at some of these things. I checked out a lot of exhaust systems and down pipes as well as stuff made for the inlet side. Funny, but after going through about everybody's stuff I had thought the MSR product looked like it had better welds than almost all the other items I looked at - heat penetration was even around the weld path (no big bulges indicating dwelling too long at one spot) and the bead puddling was also pretty even. It wasn't as perfect as what I saw where I learned to weld but it was pretty close and far better than any of the other stuff I had seen.

When I had my house remodeled there were a couple of temporary switches the electrician had put in that were of the old toggle style (little thin switch). A decora plate was put on there though to protect someone from accidentally getting an electrical shock. The way the decora plate lined up with the old switch mounting holes put the plate too high. it was in a small dark passageway and when the painter came around they just painted as is. Then the electrician came back and put in the right switch, soon followed by the painter who hit the switch plate cover. But he missed the spot just below. that had been covered by the plate mounted on the wrong but temporary switch. Well, it's still like that and no one ever notices. Not even me - and I definitely know it's there. I would not worry about this. The welds will "disappear" once installed. What you will notice is the way it works.

That said, if I end up putting some mods on my M6 this is the system I intend to get. No question about it at all for me. None. What you started off with pretty much says it all - "I love the concept, and it is without a doubt the best sounding and performing intake on the market."

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