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That would make sense. I believe also moisture can build up in the low side and cause issues.

Correct in pic. Those are the high and low ports.I have aftermarket intakes but the factory intake would definitely be in the way.
not sure what u mean it would b in the way ? the low side it's pretty much easy to get too it seems ..going to try recharge tomorrow morning.. heres a pic
Sorry I meant if you want to access both high and low.
looks like both diagrams that i found online is telling me the 1 in the front of the vehicle is the low side ..but i tried connecting the ac pro hose to that one and it won't fit does fit on the connection that's on the back of the engine bay ..same side ... is it different for a 640 than a 650? i know they made these connections dummy proof but just want to make sure I'm hooked up on the low side. thanks
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