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Originally Posted by Donatello. View Post
Are said fines even LEGAL? For example, let's some someone complains about their neighbor playing music/TV too loud. Let's even go beyond that & say the complete was just from a dope & there was not excessive noise, but the HOA just fined the person b/c of whatever reason they wanted. How the hell can bs like that hold up in court? Not like they can take your house away from you
Homeowners agree to association rules and fines when buying their home and joining the association. They also elect the board who hires the property manager. Usually homeowners also must agree that guests, including tenants, will abide by the rules. I donít think loud music is typically one of the rules (maybe in condos), but there are local laws and neighbors would more likely call the police when there is a disturbance than complain to the HOA. Violations cited by the HOA often arise from the property manager driving through the neighborhood.

The rules are usually about things like property maintenance and avoiding eye sores, types and numbers of pets, paying dues for common area maintenance, etc. Hence your issue. Grass cannot be cut because of your dispute with the landscape company. So they either want you to move the car so the landscape company can do their job or cut it yourself. But leaving the yard uncut isnít an option. And yes they are enforceable since they are contractual and liens can be placed if fines are not paid. But the issue will really be between the HOA and your landlord. If you have a security deposit you could lose it, or you could get evicted, if you actually let something so simple escalate and your violations of the lease result in fines to the landlord.
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