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Originally Posted by dreamingat30fps View Post
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Eh I don't know about that. I'm looking this up now and it looks like a 1989 Ferrari Testarossa was $181,000 in 1989 dollars, which is about $386,000 in current dollars.

Even among supercars you can get a superior Ferrari product (in every metric) for less than $386,000 brand new.
I don't know about Ferraris, but the average car price in 1970 according to Google was around $23k in todays money. Average car today is around $36k. So it has gone up, but also a lot more tech and what not in cars.

I also wonder how much of that higher average is just because people choose to buy more expensive cars. I mean around here BMWs and Mercedes are like corollas. Was everyone in 1970 driving around in BMWs and Mercedes?
average or median?

Average 23K car in the 1970s is lol worthy... dude i recall in the mid 90s... you could buy accords and camrys fully loaded for 25k... and thats about as middle of the pack as you can get.