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Originally Posted by King Rudi View Post
Question for you gents. Started my bulk the first week of October. Slowly increased calories until I got to where I'm just 300 calories over maintenance now. I did great all month long. My birthday was last week.....dinner with kids, dinner with the girlfriend, the girlfriend made a cake, friends stopped by a couple of days, drinks were had, etc. Long story long, I ate like a complete ass last week and picked up some fat that I don't want to carry for the next 3-4 months while on this bulk. I don't want to miss gains due to a calorie deficit and I'm already going to the gym 5 days a week hitting each group twice, I really don't want to go in (or have time to go) to the gym on my off days; but I'm not opposed to either. I also have the option of doing 15 min of cardio after weights, but again, I hate to miss gains. Any advice you guys can offer or should I just deal with it and see how I fair after the bulk and deal with the excess fat then?

Here! My right bicep is noticeably bigger than my left. I also notice when doing standing shoulder presses, that my left makes it to the top before my right. Only notice it when standing and using a barbell.

My abs are also staggered. I got the bad genes. It's all good though. I'd rather have bad genes and notice the uneven muscle versus not knowing at all. Uneven abs, I'll take them over no abs.
Rules of bulk is to just not worry about the excess gain. With that said, if it is bothering you I'd just add in a little cardio following your lifts for a week. After that the weight should have dwindled, then just pick back up where you left off. Long story short if you want to drop the weight work on it over a week span then increase your bulk duration by a week. Shouldn't be overly problematic.

As for the disproportion, like my self, it just sucks haha. Like I mentioned, I don't think mine is really noticeable to anyone but myself. It is still bothersome though. I know I can correct it to an extent, just going to take some time to do so haha. Boils down to muscle/mind connection, ensuring you are working each muscle equally (at least to the best of your ability). Just adding it to the list of goals for myself, can't have too many of those in regards to fitness imo.
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