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Joe glad you like them and welcome to the club.

The Dyno has shown 20-40 WHP and torque between my stock M5 and on my fully modded M6 do to being more efficient, and my M6 had BMS filters charcoal filter delete RPI scoops befure intake. The Dyno doesn't show its true potential do to its unconventional design.
Everything has been tested from Vbox track and Dyno and proven gains not only on my personal cars but also customers cars as well. Two of my customers had Gruppe M and noticed a huge improvement immediately even before adapting.

Vbox gains have proven .5 seconds from 60-130 mph on my completely stock M5
Also track proven on a customers M5 knocked off .5 seconds off the 1/4 and gain 4-5 mph. My M6 world record 10.7 129mph befire intake 11.0 126-127mph These are real and proven tests not estimated guesses.

And I know it's hard to believe for an intake, but what people aren't realizing is the difference in its design. The air is compressed and the turbos don't have to suck the air now they flow more efficiently. The faster you go the higher the velocity and volume of air. Now the turbos pull all the way to redline as everything has been designed for this purpose. Even between shifts air is coming with instant gear snaps after fully adapting.

As for the filters they are made of 304 stainless steel mesh not cloth so weather has no effect and proven in daily use for over a year between my m5 and m6.

Im also waiting for a prefilter that was custom made for this intake. It is a water repellent material as well as restricts particles as small as .005. I decided to make these for those who have concerns as well as needing more confidence when driving in the rain. Also have been tested by the prefilter company to have no loss in performance. So for those who are worried you will have that option.

Hope this helps and answers some questions and concerns

Once again congrats Joe on your new intake.

Appreciate 1