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Rear side windows

Just wanted to drop a thank you note as well - your videos have answered one of my 6er coupe questions which I keep forgetting to ask / check out when I've gone to the dealer.

I was hoping the rear side windows were not fixed, but looking at your videos, as the camera swoops by the driver's door controls, there are clearly only two buttons for opening the windows.

Outward-opening rear side windows seem like a small feature perhaps, but my 2001 325Ci had it (along with a moonroof which actually opened) and it was awesome driving around with all the glass (except rear window) having been open in some way. Even our GL550 has the little side windows way at the back and I can open them from the driver's side door.

Those 2 points - fixed side windows and moonroof only cracks upwards - are my main gripes with the 6er coupe. Still in love with it though.