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Originally Posted by cmichaelo View Post
The last true //M cars from BMW were the E36 M3 and the E86 Z4 M coupe.

The E46 M3 was borderline with its huge comfy seats and plush interior. The engine and handling made up for it though.

The E92 M3 is just a plain sell out, in spite of the spectacular engine and handling.
I fail to see the logic of how the E92 is a sell out, despite spectacular engine and handling - I mean, what else makes an M car???

And the E46 M3 had huge comfy seats and a plush interior? I mean, as opposed to the electric heated leather seats, OBC, CD/MP3, electro-chrome and heated mirrors and sunroof in the E36 or the heated leather seats, OBC, electric windows and sunroof in the E30? Your beloved Z4 M has just as many doodads as the E46, just with a harsher ride.

Lest you forget, the M cars have always been a mixed bag - they have mostly been expensive, luxurios, decent handling cars with superb engines, but they've always had the latest & greatest gadgets.

Think I'm exaggerating? Let's rewind the history reel a little... The first M car was a "sensible" supercar (think R8 of the day), but the next one a very luxurious sedan, then a boulevard Coupe, followed by a loaded up racer, then another big barge sedan, then a middle of the road coupe/sedan with a combination of sell out engine/race engine depending on where you live, then a big fat V8 stormer, etc.

Did I miss anything?

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