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What is this about losing loyal customers if there are other M-fettled cars? If a customer cannot stomach to see an M135i, and thinks less of the ///M3 and can't enjoy it for what it is and always has been, good riddance, he was never a loyal customer then.

The point is, are you going to move to another brand because BMW make M tuned cars that aren't M3's or M5's? People thought a turbo M car was a travesty not too long ago, but saw the light after plenty of favourable reviews, and are now sucking the M5's nuts.

BMW aren't going to screw up the pure M cars, but to remain competitive with their rivals they have to offer alternatives in the same price and mould, or someone WILL buy a Benz or Audi. The M badge itself will remain "hoooooo godddddd it's an M, my toes are curling", but 5 people threatening to stop buying a car they weren't intending on buying anyway won't change BMW from trying to make more money to remain at the top, and be able to offer every potential BMW customer an option within it's range.

When the ///M Performance Automobiles 135i or 650 or whatever car they choose to work their magic on is awesome, and the next ///M car that follows everyone will sit down and pipe down again

I don't see how anyone can think ///M being involved in more BMWs is a bad thing, it makes all our favourite cars better...and the ///M cars themselves will still be, as they are now, the pinnacle of BMW performance cars.

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