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Originally Posted by speedracerlo View Post
Just read on dinan's website that M6s manufactured after 7/2014 have an electronic wastegate instead of a mechanical one. When will the software for the new M6s be available? Is there a way to get this done in California?
The 07/2014 switch-over date that BMW has given is a very rough approximation of the switch over date. We have seen cars in the shop with a production date of 09/2014 still with a mechanical wastegate so the date is not an exact science by any stretch of the imagination.

In regards to when it will be available for the EWG version we have yet to to acquire a vehicle with an EWG in our shop so we haven't been able to test the new version of the tune compatible with it. Liek mentioned before all of the cars we have brought in so far have all been MWG cars even thought the cut-off date was passed. If anyone relatively local to the bay area has an EWG M5/M6 that they would be willing to let us use for some development we could get it to market much faster. Plus you will get a free tune out of it.

Lastly, as for California legality (CARB) on city streets, we should have an answer for you in the very near future. If you are just tracking the vehicle there are a multitude of shops I can point you too that will be able to install it for you. PM your general location and I can direct you to a close one.