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Originally Posted by Deep_Blue View Post
I posted my Automower on here a while back. Love it, but my side yard's drainage was so bad it kept getting stuck or clogged with mud. Last weekend I finally tackled the beast.

Hand dug the first 100 feet, machine dug the second 100 feet.
Tied in 4 downspouts and 2 wall drains
Cut my cable line twice
Hit my irrigation lines three times
Got caught in a thunderstorm before I could re-fill the second half, so i got to bury it with soaking wet clay the next day and its a huge mess.

Yard still looks like a construction zone, but when it rains the water flies out of the pop up heads by the road. Hoping it looks respectable again in a few weeks...
Curious why you went with corrugated flex pipe instead of a PVC line? I donít believe you can rooter the flex pipe when it clogs or itíll get shredded. Weíve got a Frankenstein drain system from the previous owner with this stuff partially underground and partially above ground and just got finished with having a drainage contractor put in a manifold system from the back patio down to the front yard on either side with tie ins for patio drains and downspouts. I believe itís a 4 inch PVC line with flush points every 3 feet or so. Theyíre providing a diagram so we donít have to guess where to dig should we need to access it to clear a clog in the future.

While they were doing it it rained and they noticed seepage out of the ground from the neighborís higher elevation so they put a French drain under the manifold on that side. They wrapped up just as the shut down went into effect so one side is pretty much back to normal but the other side is a disaster area - half filled in and now that the stuff they dug out and piled to the side has baked in some heat, itís as hard as concrete.

Wasnít cheap, but itís backbreaking work - they dug mostly by hand with a pick to break up the hard parts. Saved a bit since they originally quoted a flat rate but offered to do time and materials. I think we got the manifolds and tie ins plus the French drain for what they originally quoted for just putting in the manifold for.