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Front Lip Options

Alright guys so I decided on getting a front lip for my M6 GC and I ended up with the V style front lip but after installing it I immediately started scraping it everywhere, I take bumps and driveways at an angle but sometimes it still scrapes, in one week I've pretty much destroyed it, and that's at stock hight and I daily drive my car in Los Angels, the roads are shit here fyi. I still have my H&R springs to put on and god knows what'll happen then. My question is does anyone know of a lip that doesn't scrape as much? The overhang is so far on the car that I want something closer in that still looks nice, I have the CF side skirts and diffuser that match so something similar, and if anyone has any comments on how I should drive better know that I also have a slammed Miata that is about 1in off the ground and I don't scrape it as much as this car. And if anyone wants to vent about there scraping problems feel free to vent on this post lol. thanks.