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Originally Posted by JamesNoBrakes View Post
I think in general ECUs limit the car to the rated/designed HP. This means when you put higher octane in, it "doesn't care". It doesn't try to do anything with this at all. If you have a tune, and especially if you have a turbo, you can take advantage of this, but otherwise, it just "doesn't care". The cams won't support more power and it just doesn't care.

The whole thing about "higher octane doesn't benefit" is limited to those lower performance cars and the people that buy high octane for them. My Hyundai Elantra GT N-line was specifically designed to give max performance on "regular". A little 200hp 1.6 turbo-4. With a tune and a couple mods like wastegate solenoid and boost control solenoid, I was running it on premium and it ran well, but then I was asking a little more out of it than stock. Stock, it didn't care if I put premium in or not, that's how they designed it. Cars like my SS 1LE or Stinger, they crave pretty high octane. Lower octane makes a noticeable difference.
I'd be surprised if there was more than a 5% decrease in power on 87 vs 91/93

On your stinger, have you logged 87 vs premium stock? Cause I've logged my g70 and stock, there's not a huge difference in timing/ boost. Haven't had it on the dyno to say for sure yet though. With a tune, yes it will be noticeable. I suspect it would be more noticeable with cars that have more aggressive stock tuning. The 3.3tt in the stinger and g70 is pretty de-tuned stock.
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