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I'll help you out without opinion and emotion:
Wholesale is upper 20's at most all day long. Thus retail (assuming awesome car and condition) is no more than low to mid 30's. If you can find someone to pay more and justify it with the extended warranty, mods, etc, that is good for you.

If I was in the market and it was exactly what I was looking for, I might offer 33-34K. Given my access to cars, if I was just looking for a good 2013 M6 coupe, I wouldn't pay more than 30K (maybe lower if I can find reasons to ding the condition of the car).

FYI, someone private partied a clean one with 65K miles for mid 20's earlier this year in the winter. He was trying to sell it for about a year (at a much higher price). The prices are not going up unfortunately.