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Originally Posted by pbar View Post
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If you want more control, buy a 6MT!!!


The [6MT] Police
Perfect timing!

TBH, I find I have more control (and engagement) with the M-DCT than a 6MT, but each to their own.

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It's not just the transmission. It's power/torque under the curve and engine characteristics. The transmission isn't nearly as big a factor as how the motor builds power.
I have a strong suspicion, based on the X3M, that the next generation of M3 will have a power curve that is designed to work with an auto box that shifts really frequently to keep the boost up and the revs in a small range.

Let's hope they haven't compromised your 6MT experience. (you're certainly going to need a faster wrist action! )
I don't know how you could objectively have more control with transmission that can shift for you versus one that won't.

It won't impact my manual experience. The new car won't be any worse than the F8X, and I love my F8X.
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