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Originally Posted by Sedan_Clan View Post
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How many people that have been reviewing cars recently honestly think they need more power? I think BMW is missing the mark if they're not looking for a different path forward with their M cars.

Let's make lighter cars from the factory and put an end to this BS aftermarket infatuation with carbon fiber parts. BMW should set a goal to make a 3000-3100 lb car.
If Lotus can make a 6 cylinder car with forced induction with a ton of "enthusiast" appeal why can't they do it? even if its a bit a of stripper trim...who cares...
The CF infatuation won't end. Thinking that any factory can offset the tuner market is a pipe dream. People buy Ferrari's and high end Porsche's and still seek the aftermarket. It'll never end.

If Porsche can barely get a 2-seater GT3 to 3200 lbs. (...which is a low volume seller for Porsche) and the McLaren 720 is around 3200 lbs., what makes you think it would be easy for BMW to get a passenger car to that point? A Pagani Zonda is tipping on 3000 lbs. I think you guys need to be more realistic.

People don't realize how hard it is to decrease weight in a modern car, while keeping the cost reasonable for its target demographic. Sure, the M2 could be made out of carbon fiber, but the cost and maintenance will be astronomical.

Not to mention all the new safety features, which not only includes the electronics, but also the various structural components that absorb the force and crumples in the predicted manner.

If you want lightness, look at the great ND Miata. But also know it compromises on pure power, not to mention how skinny the tires are. One key reason Mazda designers did not want to increase power is due to weight. In fact, the Japanese Mazda designers actually wanted the 1.5L to be standard, instead of adding a 2.0L. And lastly, look at the interior quality of the Miata. To get the weight down, the materials cannot be compared in terms of luxury feel of a BMW (read: not saying Miata quantity is poor).

I'm being optimist and hope even if BMW could get the next gen to 3400 - 3500 lbs, that would be a miracle.
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