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Originally Posted by m3alabama View Post
For 140k USD or whatever this will cost it sure does not do it for me. A few years back when the last generation m5/m6 were out I thought for sure my goal was to have the next generation when I could afford it. Here I now can afford these cars and aside from the money which is expensive but for me neglibile, is the fact they simply do not give me any sense of really really wanting the car. Definetly hanging onto my m3 for life and in a year its sadly going to be stepping out of bmw and into a new 991S.

If you were going to spend that money on a HUGE coupe, why not go for an Aston? At that price point of 140's for a car, you are looking at people who probably could easily afford 240k as well so choosing the m6 does not make much sense. The aston is twice as beautiful and sleek, has a beautiful engine note and is spectacular legendary car.
I don't agree that people that could afford a $140k car necessarily could easily afford a $240k car. I'm one of them!
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