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You have the right idea. I just couldn't pay more than MSRP as it is just money down the drain. If you have so much money that you don't mind paying an extra $20k that it doesn't matter, then more power to you. If I were buying an M6 and really wanted/needed the car ASAP, then I'd probably be willing to pay MSRP, especially with some other incentive from the dealer (tire care, free floor mats, etc. - just something that showed they cared slightly about my purchase rather than "We aren't budging just because we can get away with it.").

I wouldn't be surprised if the incentives start showing up toward 4th quarter. BMW is surely going to try desperately to hold their new title - #1 luxury car sales - and dealerships are going to want their numbers to look good, too. The dealerships make a ridiculous amount off of these cars at MSRP (about $8200 is what they make using the normal formula of MSRP being 7.25% above invoice). Once the initial boom period is over I'm sure they'll start taking a lot less profit just for the sake of moving M6s through their dealership. I can't blame a business for wanting to maximize profits when there are so many so willing to pay X above MSRP, but I just don't have it in me (or my bank accounts) to pay $20k more to get a car 6 or 8 months before the guy down the street.
Yep, got 5 years of tire and wheel insurance for free. Also got some freebies when I picked up a 2013 X3 last week :-)
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