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Originally Posted by Needsdecaf View Post
Beautiful car! Stupid price. Really stupid. 640i goes for similar price to CLS63?

What am I missing?
The 640i GC is closer in price to a CLS550 than a CLS63 - the CLS63 is almost $20k higher than a 640i GC. I imagine the 650i GC will be closer in base price to a CLS63 AMG.

My beef with the Gran Coupe lies in the fact that the moon-roof does not slide open, there are no soft-close doors, no soft-close trunk, no rear seat entertainment option, and the rear side window shades are manual and not powered like in the 7 Series. And it's the same price!

It's like BMW wanted to badly to make the 6GC a real Coupe, such that it retains all of the downsides as well. When I found out about the moon-roof not sliding open, it put the nail in the coffin for me for this car. Might seem small to some people but I love my sliding moon-roofs!

Just seems like a lot of features which a car of this caliber should have. You can get soft-close doors on an X6 35i, why not on the 6 Series? And if the 6GC is "more high end" than a standard 6 Series Coupe (this point is highly arguable, by the way), then why not give it soft-close doors? No one is going to by an M variant just to get soft-close doors!

The main upsides are the sleek and beautiful design, but as the number of missing features stacks up, the practical side of me says get an X6 or a 7 Series.

I've been driving myself up a wall (and my wife!) with these decisions the last few months!

[/rant over]

Edit: Just to clarify "the practical side of me" comment - not that I was implying an X6 is practical, just for me personally, with a toddler and upcoming newborn, thus 2 car seats and endless supply of Mickey Mouse for backseat viewing pleasure as a key requirement in a vehicle for the foreseeable future, the X6 fits the bill and still has that unique edge. The 7-series would be the true practical choice out of the 3, but that's another story.

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