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Originally Posted by mgmarsh39 View Post
Off topic, but my F06 is in the shop for a suspension rattle (left rear for anyone who cares). Anyway, I have a F90 loaner car, old-man silver with sport package though... 530i.

It feels very well put together, but the steering meanders. Too touchy, if that makes sense. Love the updated infotainment and the neat hand gesture function, where you can twirl your hand to make the volume go up and down. Power is decent, but doesn't make much noise. I don't like the LCD gauges, feels cheap to me.

Overall its nice, but the f10 still looks better. I'd give it a 6/10. Maybe if I drove the M5 I'd have a different opinion.

On a side note, my 3 year old likes the grandpa silver 530 over my m6... go figure LOL.
The G cars will all have electric steering. So it'll feel unnatural if you've been driving hydraulic cars your whole life. BTW, the F10 M5 and F - M6 all have hydraulic steering and is the last M car to be fitted with such.

Not surprised the tech update inside is amazing. I also concur with you that the LCD and digital gauges is terrible. But that's the sign of the times and what most "common" drivers are expecting these days. They want a high-tech car, that removes all senses of what driving a car is all about. (road noise, tire noise, transmission noise, engine noise, etc etc). Ultimately, the enthusiasts all want the experience of driving a car, not a computer.

After I'm done with the M6, I'm actually going BACK to a 997.2 or 991.1. I'll also probably buy another E9X M3 or a Z4M. They won't ever make cars like this again.
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