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Talking Turbo Transformer Boost Controller. Simple, Reliable & Fun!

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Turbo Transformer is a Bluetooth enabled piggyback boost controller for turbo-charged engines. It increases boost by intercepting one or more pressure sensor(s) on your engine.

What can I do with the smart phone app?
Using our free smartphone apps, a user can adjust the device settings and monitor the boost pressure. All devices are configured for a 2 psi gain when they ship. Custom mode allows the user to go up to 4 psi as well as fine-tune the mapping by adjusting all three attributes; base, delta and slope. The user may also choose to reduce the boost pressure by selecting Max-Eco mode in order to increase fuel economy. Hybrid mode allows increased fuel economy and boost pressure in the same configuration.

Will Turbo Transformer lean out my engine?
All modern turbocharged engines have a wideband O2 sensor that runs off the MAP sensor. Your ECU realizes the extra air mass and adjusts accordingly.

Where can I download the Turbo Transformer app?
You can download the Turbo Transformer app for free on your Android or Apple smartphone from the Google Play store or the Apple App Store; respectively.

Does the module have an extra option to turn it on and off?
Yes, Turbo Transformer is Bluetooth enabled. Using a smartphone or a smartwatch, you can select Stock mode to restore factory performance. In addition, the device also ships with a bypass plug, to physically bypass the electronics in case of emergency. This way, the user is not forced to uninstall the device on the side of the road in case of a rare failure.

Warranty info
  • 1 year warranty
  • 14 days money-back guarantee. try it, if you do not like it we will take it back

  • Ignition on , engine OFF
  • Open the Turbo transformer Bluetooth app
  • Select connect
  • Click on settings, then select Zero to calibrate the unit (you only need to do this step once. No need to calibrate the unit every time you turn on the car)

Base PSI:
This is the PSI level at which the tuner is active. when your boost is below this PSI, the unit is not active and the car is running at stock power

Delta PSI:
This is the maximum amount of PSI the unit will be adding to stock. Its set to +2 PSI by default but can be increased to +4 PSI (please use with caution)

Slope (Rate):
  • This value dictates how fast you want the unit to add boost
  • Slower Boost increase will result in a smoother power delivery
  • Faster boost increase will result in maximum power and responsiveness

  • The X axis is your stock boost. The Y axis is what the ECU is reading
  • The grey line is stock power (X and Y will always be equal)
  • The white line is your current map
  • The red line is your custom map

Power Modes
  • Power Default
  • Max Eco
  • Hybrid
  • Custom

Power Default
  • The default map is +2 PSI
  • When X is 16 PSI, Y is 14. This means when you car is pushing 16 PSI, your ECU is reading 14 PSI. It will add 2 more PSI to get to the 16 PSI target boost resulting in an actual PSI of 18.
  • Note: the tuner is not active till boost reaches a set PSI value (Base PSI). In this case its 11 PSI

Max Eco
  • This map is the opposite of default power
  • The ECU read value is higher than actual boost, which results in the ECU lowering the PSI

  • This is a very unique and interesting map.
  • Its on ECO settings when boost is lower than your base PSI & on Default Power settings once boost exceeds your base PSI

  • In this map, you get to control the base PSI, delta PSI and slop rate
  • Please use with caution
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