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Originally Posted by spazzyfry123 View Post
I do have St. Augustine (with a mix of Centipede in spots I think). This is my first time really trying to be serious with a yard, so Iím totally figuring this out as I go. The previous owners definitely did not stay on top of it (built 06/2016 and we are second owners as of 02/2020), so Iím just trying to get to a base at this point. Did not know about not dethatching St. Augustine, though!

Iíve got a few bald spots that I think will come together with a fertilizer. Was hoping to aerate today, but weíve been getting some off and on rain. I do have some big bald spots (one from a parked boat and two more from unchecked ant mansions). I think I may need some sod for those.

Bottom line, I have no idea what Iím doing!
The best way to deal with bald spots on St. Augustine is to drop some sod down (and water the new sod well until it gets rooted). If you're talking about some small areas it shouldn't be too costly. They would eventually fill in on their own but chances are a lot of what gets filled in are weeds. Unfortunately, I don't know of any way to use seeds with St. Augustine and always patch with sod.
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