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Originally Posted by Salottox5m View Post
Hey guys & gals I'm considering getting m6gC over x5m - got feq questions

Frozen colors - are they pia to keep clean considering not supposed to use a car wash

Any major differences between 14-17 m6gc except upgraded nav & car play ?

Overall u feel frozen color worth it

I love buying cars that are different but I don't feel like washing weekly stuff my house
If you don't hand wash it with the proper soap the matte finish will be affected by car wash soaps, waxes, etc. My guess is it will start to look more like a standard gloss finish.

I'm not a huge fan of white cars, but I like my Frozen white M6GC. Looks best in low light conditions IMO, at dusk and/or street lights. Worth it if you like matte finishes, but could be a PITA for a daily driver or if you hate hand washing, assuming you like to keep your car clean at all times.

Others can give you more details on 14-17 differences. Pretty sure 16 was LCI w/ different headlights, infotainment tweaks, possibly small comp pack hp bump, other small differences? I think 17 got a significant infotainment / iDrive upgrade w/ touchscreen and Carplay. Others on here can tell you more. Do a search. It's out there somewhere.

Good luck.