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Originally Posted by Salottox5m View Post
Hey guys & gals I'm considering getting m6gC over x5m - got feq questions

Frozen colors - are they pia to keep clean considering not supposed to use a car wash

CC Brakes: love the looks but how long do they typically last & tough costs to replace

Any major differences between 14-17 m6gc except upgraded nav & car play ?

Overall u feel frozen color worth it

I love buying cars that are different but I don't feel like washing weekly stuff my house

Hard to find dolor frozen car w accurate price - I seen few & they are asking waaay about retail

Thank u
I can't speak from experience with frozen paint jobs, but I do find the markup that sellers put on their cars a bit comical. If I were to go for the "frozen look", I'd personally find a good car with options and mileage to my desired specs and then add Xpel-stealth PPF to the whole car.

It would achieve the same look, still be cheaper and have a solid protection layer for the whole vehicle, not to mention not requiring a special cleaner.