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Originally Posted by Msizzle View Post
I just can't believe these cars can get so low, do you guys think they were over produced? I mean you can get a decent example in the 40's at this point. To think someone will soon spend 35k and drive around in one of these is crazy!!
well everything of value is based on supply and demand. You can blame supply or demand.

I think it comes down to demand. One easy way to track it is to use app. An older version shows the number of page views and contacts through the app for any particular car. For the'll see a wide range of numbers. What I've observed was that the higher app traffic were for:

1. lowest priced car (usually one with high mileage or accident history)
2. cars where their photos show something unique (frozen paint, SMB, SO)
3. cars with certain spec combos (SMB on SO, 601 wheels/ZCP, CCBs, etc.)
4. cars in major metro areas

IMO, the M6 model that will retain value the best is the Gran Coupe. The most coveted option will be ZCP. The most coveted model year eventually will be 2016-18.

The least desirable M6 models eventually will be 2013 convertibles and coupes with no ZCP. Those will likely stabilize at around $25k by year 2023. Expect Gran Coupes to stabilize around $30k and coupes to be somewhere in the middle. Unique ones can easily add $5k to that price.

I'm basing this on E60 and E63 M5/6 used prices right now and my experience owning and selling my 08 M3.

Partially based on the analysis above, when I bought my M6, I decided on a car I eventually bought with these features:

1. Highly coveted M Performance/aftermarket parts - mine came with the electronic wheel, MPE, and V-Spoiler ($10k worth of parts)
2. popular color - alpine white is as classic as it gets for a BMW M car
3. Low mileage - I calculated my annual mileage rate from the then current mileage and determined I would have a lower mileage car than the average car by 2023
4. ZCP - unlike 2006-2013 various M models, the F generation ZCP cars all have substantially material changes made to the car and the way it drives (suspension, steering, power)
5. Other key options - B&O, full leather
12 AW/Cinnamon X5 Diesel Urban Assault Vehicle
14 AW M6GC ZCP, MPE, V2 steering wheel, vorsteiner spoiler
08 SSII E90 M3 (Sold!)

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