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Originally Posted by kong24680 View Post
I live in California where we get some rain, but not crazy amounts. I haven't run the tires in the rain yet, but friends who daily cars with cup2's have said they are not too bad. Definitely better than the old cup tires, but not as good as PS4S. If the majority of your driving is gonna be done in dry weather definitely get the cup 2. When warmed up, the level of grip you get with the cup 2s are close to R compound tires. I have my stock rims on ps4s all around, and will probably swap to them if weather gets very very choppy. But I have a feeling they will be sitting in my garage for a very long time haha
Only difficulty I have is the heating up part with my SC2's. Have found that they require more than a PSS or PS4 and am looking for a tire that requires "driving around" time or burnouts to warm up...