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Originally Posted by Billyperks View Post
Driving in to work last Friday I had a Drivetrain Malfunction.
Took the car to my Indy shop and found out that the car needs coils and one fuel injector is bad.
Here is my question-is it best to change all the injectors or just do the one?
My indy guy told me to save my money and do one.
He said, if I had took it to BMW they would have changed them all along with the coils just to reap the benefits of the 3rd party warranty that I have.
If you can leverage your warranty provider into covering all of them, definitely do that as injectors aren't particularly cheap. If this is coming out of pocket, then it just becomes a question of how much you're comfortable spending. Do one for low cost and have it potentially be a short term fix until the next one goes, or bite the bullet and do them all to have the peace of mind.
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