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Originally Posted by mr_yogi View Post
I don't agree that people that could afford a $140k car necessarily could easily afford a $240k car. I'm one of them!
I totally agree... that was a dumb post.

Everyone has a limit...and the problem in America is that some people don't know their limit.

If you can afford $500 a month for a car, you can surely afford $600 as well, as it is only a $100 difference per month, thats only $25 a week. skip a lunch once a week and you can afford it.

But hey....if you can afford $600 a month, you can also afford $700 a month.
If you can afford $700 a month, you can afford $800 a month too.

If you can afford $800 a month, you can surely afford $900 a month..
and it just goes on forever like that. So wheres the limit?
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