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If you look how the automotive landscape has changed and especially from BMW's point of view. The best selling 1er , 3er and 5er are Diesels , 7 and the X models again the best sellers are Diesels in europe.

BMW M Will not be the last manufacturer to do this , expect AMG and Audi RS To follow, Porsche probably too.

Performance diesel is a good place to start because other than Alpina no one has really moved to introduce such a Powerful diesel apart from the Audi Q7 V12 which like all Audi's had the power but not the dynamic ability to match. Even that was limited production.

X6M550d is thinking along those lines Performance with the driving ability and excellent efficiency as an "Alternative" Not many can go for the X6M due to economic or tax reasons - X6 M550d is the logical step for those that want high performance with greater efficiency.

M550d xDrive is the ultimate diesel Sedan and it answers the questions the M5 could not answer - including the Diesel M and xDrive questions. A best description of the M550d xDrive is that it is completely understated to what it is.

M135i takes the inspiration from the previous 135i M-Sport and adds the unique and specific aerodynamic packet , although this time it is introduced as a hatch. M135i is the substitute until the next generation full blooded M appears in the next three years.
The chassis is equipped to handle the power after being given a severe going over by M engineers which will result in a very sportier car compared to the current 1er models.
M135i will also appear in both Coupe and Cabrio models in 2013, which will inherit M235i. The M235i Coupe and Cabrio will be the first models to the US under M Performance Automobiles.

The Trio Axis of (Alpine White M Power) Will be previewed in February prior to a World Premiere at the Geneva Show in March.
The M850i is evidence that BMW have got their mojo back when it comes to dynamic sports cars...
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