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I love the car but it really does not look like a 4 door coupe unless I am missing something or it becomes more apparent in person. The series line is getting a little cluttered but frankly BMW can do that with their engineering might and have an answer for every segment. Where I think they may lose out a bit is the fact that their cars are not uber unique and different - buyers that want that will look elsewhere.

BTW anybody know what the tranny options for this are? Will it be like the 6er Coupe/Cab come with a MT or are we just sticking with the Automatic for the 4 door. Which brings me to my final point in reference to BMW Canada. If I want a sporty 4 door sedan that fits 4 comfortably and has that epic BMW feedback and driving experience what do I get? In the past I could have bought a 530 and 550 with MT and game was on. Now no 4 door car from BMW comes to Canada with rear wheel drive and MT other then a 3 series? Yes the M5 may and yes the M3 may but why do I need to spend crazy $$ with an insane engine just to get that mix. **sigh** maybe they will add the full leather option in the upcoming F30, problem solved

Just in from BMW rep - Canada will only get the 6GC in 4WD and AT. Question answered. **rolling eyes**
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