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Originally Posted by Holland Harry View Post
Spot on WhyGeeGee!

I wanted something special after my 7 series with a sportier look and a much better driving experience than the 7 series. So the 6 Gran Coupe is perfect for that. By the way if every body loves the Panamera what's the problem with the Gran Coupe than?
I think that the Gran Coupe is one of the best cars BMW has ever built and according to many websites who test drived the car they had almost nothing negative to say about the car and I think that is the problem. The car is just that good and from what I see there are 2 things people can pick on:

1- The look of the car which is subjective.
2-Price of the car which I think shows how much people want this car but the high entry price is what's keeping them from getting it thus they keep mentioning it all the time as the major downside.

Moral of the story BMW made a special car for their special customers if they wanted to compete with the CLS or the A7 they would have made a 5 series Gran Coupe.

Sorry about the rant

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