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Originally Posted by MNoob View Post
If it was me, I'd consider it a miracle!

Originally Posted by WoohooSoCal View Post
Always a good crit if you don't crash.
Agreed again!

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Well, there was a new development Friday evening when i put my bike on the carrier for Saturday's ride. Looked like the nose of the saddle was high so i put a board on it and a level and sure enough, it was high. Like 10 degrees high! Must have slipped during my Thursday ride.

So i leveled it out and did 60 miles on it yesterday in the hills. (Hills of FL, so only got 2600ft) My ass is sore, but an amount i expected from acclimating to a new saddle. Rode another 23 miles today and neither day was terrible. Especially taking into consideration that i went into yesterday's ride with my back side already beat up. I've got two days off for rest and then i get to ride it fresh and recovered on Wednesday. I'm thinking it'll continue to get better.

With as personalized as saddle preference is, i'm surprised to see so many people loving the Topue.
That's definitely encouraging, sounds like you might have it dialed in now and no longer even think about it.

Originally Posted by Mr Tonka View Post

Crit without crash is success. Crit in the wet on mixed surfaces without a crash is a win!
I was solo at the end, I had a teammate crash and another flat out without pit wheels. So I sat in and took a flier on the last lap, normally I like to sprint but with the wet surface I didn't want to arrive in a big bunch for the last corner, so I rolled the dice. I made it about 30 seconds short but apparently gave a handful of people a sweet lead out haha, ah well.
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