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Originally Posted by Yugo View Post
Seeding w/o aerating, yes or no?

Can't find an aerator to rent, all are always rented out. Had the yard aerated this spring.
The seed will want contact w/ dirt/soil to germinate. The preceding 2 posts give 2 options for that. Slit seeding (yeah, yeah...) is another option. It just depends on your goal w/ seeding. I have some thin areas but am post-poning aerating and overseeding the lawn until spring.

I have some bare spots along the street and driveway where the grass isn't going to fill in on its own. After mowing a little lower (grass looks like crap, I raked out dead stuff, fertilized, then threw down some sand in some low spots (to raise them) then top soil. Overseeded by hand and lightly raked the seed into the soil. Afterwards, I covered these areas with a light layer of sphagnum peat moss. The peat will help keep in moisture as well as protect the ungerminated seeds, especially this time if year when a random frost may occur (depending where you live).

By that same token, if you expect temps to be cold later in Oct or Nov, you'll want to get cracking. The grass seed will need time to germinate and get strong enough to survive winter (again, depending on where you live).
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