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Here a bit of a long one.
So I bought this old house on a 1 acre lot from a older couple who had let it get a little out of hand. I have many projects going at the same time (complete basement reno being one) but here's the one about the vegetable garden.
Follow along with the pictures in the attached album.

To the right of the white blockhouse you can see a bunch of green vines. Thats the target location.

Since these are all poison ivy and I contract the rash by even looking at the stuff, I waited until winter to tackle it. So with the help of my gf, (who is immune to poison ivy) we ripped out all the vines and the fence that was once there. There were two chain link fences about 4 feet from each other...weird.

Now the issue was all those vines' roots were still under there and this plant is very persistant. It is everywhere. So we decided to dig down about 1.5 feet and pull out every root we could in the area where the garden would be. So we did that. I dont have the final picture with all the roots, but it was a ton of work. I build a basic raised bed (only 7 inches) and 8 by 24 feet out of repurposed 2x4s from a removed interior wall. Then built a rain barrel to assist in some watering. I planned on needing 2 or 3 yards of dirt to fill the garden but ended up needing 4. The truck can hold one at a time so multiply that picture by 4. On Friday the 22nd, we planted everything. This past weekend we started putting in a 2 foot chicken wire fence to keep the rabbits out. I will update the album with more pictures as it progresses further, but I thought it was time to share.