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We are the last saving grace for the MT over here in the U.S. Hopefully people continue to buy them. I think the MT offering is what still sets BMW apart from the competition.
I swear on everything, the third pedal option is only thing that still keeps me tethered to the BMW, as brand; Mercedes and Audi makes much more appealing vehicles, expect they only offer them with paddle shifters..

Don't believe me? Go check out the competitors website and vehicle selection, then get back to me..
I can tell you with certainty the MT is my tether. I love the brand, but absent the ability to row my own cogs I would stop buying BMW's. It would force me to save the money and buy an MT GT3.
We both think alike but unfortunately, my bank account is not keeping up with my lofty ambitions..

I'm trying to branch off into expanding my knowledge of Porsches but I can't seem find an APP as condensed as Bimmerpost.

Also, forgive me if I'm wrong but from what I understand, the only manual GT3 Porsche offers is the "Touring" version, so the third pedal seems to be drying up, in all fronts, not just the BMW brand..