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Originally Posted by tallshortguy View Post
Pretty certain he means 50% of models, not 50% of BMW's sold, which makes sense since almost all the models above the base engine are M Sport models now. No "regular" 340i, X3 40i, etc.
50% of cars sold is a itte hard to believe at first, but then you rememebr that M models sell more (way more offering than a few years ago, M2, M8 and X3M/X4M for exampe) and then all the new M performace models and the fact that you can get an msport pkg on al models now. Look at the 330i in Canada, 2k for the mpsort pkg is a no brainer. Remember the 135i without the msport package? No thanks.

Lots of regular non enthusiasts would probably mistake a X3 M40i for a real M car, but every owner knows they don't own a real M car.
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