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We can agree to disagree, it is what it is. What I know for a fact is that driving an E9X side-by-side with an F30 or G20 is a depressing experience.
You need to drive an E90 M3 back-to-back with an M2 Competition. I do it all the time. My M3 has some suspension mods and wider wheels than stock, the M2C is stock as delivered. The steering feedback approaching/at/over the limits on the M2C is much improved from any other EPS system I've driven from BMW, as we were literally ready to flip the car right away if it didn't meet our desires (our meaning my wife and I, it's her primary car). I spent the day on the Michelin 1/2 mile skidpad with the car on the 3rd day we owned it (had already racked up over 1000 miles) to really shake it down. The driving dynamics of the M2C are outstanding.

She wasn't going to sell her E90 330i (ZSP, 6MT) we owned since new unless the M2C met our expectations since clearly the F30 didn't.

I've been driving BMWs since 1974, and autocrossing 1975, track 1981, etc. 40 year CCA member, etc. I was instantly at home in the M2C on the skidpad, track and autocross courses. It's like a friendly helper just waiting to do whatever you ask and do it well.

One of the best parts of the M2C is the programming that went into the M-active LSD imo. Unlike the ridiculous Visco-Lok unit in the E46/E9x M3, this thing is super integrated into the car's dynamic situation. It's likely 100% open on slow-to-medium speed corner entry, so turn in is unreal instant with no push, and as you transition from heavy trailbraking to rolling on throttle at the apex, it's all ready for you as you track out under as much throttle as the rear tires can handle. It was just as much fun on the skidpad too drifting at 70mph. I really wish we could see some traces of locking percentage overlaid with a track map. I want to learn a lot more about the s/w behind controlling LSD locking percentage versus each input (and derivatives of those inputs).
The M2C is the only BMW Germanauto actually likes right now, so you'll definitely get his approval with this post, hell its the only BMW I really like right now as well, the M2C is the only thing keeping a new BMW in my garage after 20+ years of ownership, they better not screw up the next one like they've done with some of their other products.
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