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Originally Posted by KenB925 View Post
When I smoke I almost always use a Treager also.

With brisket (or any very long cook) I was disappointed with the results, ribs were always good.

I found that my treagers (I have two, so a little bit of a sample size), run way hotter then what the setting tells you, which makes sense. The probe is way off on the side, and the body of the cooker is not insulated. I have to set it at 185 for it to actually run close to 225 where the food is. Something worth checking.

I also don't rely on time for much of anything, except for reminders to check the temperature of the food and the 'environment' that the food is in.
The pit thermometer on my Old Hickory is fairly accurate when checked with a Thermapen or a Maverick, but with every other smoker I've had - and I'm up over a dozen - the built-in thermometer is as useless as a second row of tits on a boar hog. I rely on my Thermapen stationary thermometer or my Maverick, with a probe right on the grate next to the meat, to monitor my pit temps. And the actual temp isn't critical, but holding the pit at a steady temp definitely matters.
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