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Originally Posted by pennsiveguy View Post
Maybe some folks won't buy something they haven't ever cooked, but I'm always looking for a new cut to master. The only traditional BBQ cut that I haven't done is a beef clod, just due to the sheer size of it and not having an army to help me eat it. I love to experiment. I'll still cook a batch of butts from time to time so I can have it on hand and give some to my mom, but the traditional cuts have all sort of become "old hat" at this point. I do non-traditional cuts to mix things up. Did a prime rib back in December. Tasted fantastic with an herb rub smoked over cherry and served with a Dijon sauce.
I do the exact same thing. I'll just buy something and figure out something to do with it. Its fun.

For the past several months I have been more into pizzas, breads, and live fire cooking then smoking/bbq, but lately I've been thinking about large chunks of slow cooked goodness again.