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Originally Posted by polychromatic View Post
Aha, I see the difference, I smoke (Traeger pellet grill) almost all of my meat. The brisket comes out nice, firm but extremely tender. Itís a 12 hr. process though so you need to schedule apprpriately. If I do pork ribs, I use the 3-2-1 process, and they can be too soft, depending on the amount of liquid you use in the 2 hr. wrap stage. Just a couple of tbs liquid per rack is plenty. Iím getting hangry!
I used to do the 3-2-1 technique, a la Harry Soo. But one time about 10 years ago I ran short on time and had to rush a batch of ribs through in a few hours. I rubbed them down and threw them in the smoker at 275 degrees, and sprayed them with apple juice every 20 minutes once the rub had "set" at about an hour and a half. Total time runs about 3-1/2 hours for baby backs. The apple juice gives them a wonderful caramel-y bark but doesn't add noticeable sweetness. And with no foil in the way it's really easy to tell when they're done to your liking. Mop 'em with some sauce for the last 20 minutes if you like. Way less putzy and messy. Give it a try sometime.
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