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Originally Posted by pennsiveguy View Post
The advantage of the short rib meat is that it holds together a little better than brisket. I like to have chunks of beef left in the finished product, rather than have it disintegrate and disappear.

Chili was where my first 2 briskets ended up, about 25 years ago. I didn't cook 'em long enough and they were tough as a couple of old boots. You can make anything tender if you stew it long enough, so a big pot of chili was the only way I figured I could salvage some value out of them. The chili was phenomenal. I've been using mesquite-smoked beef ever since.
Aha, I see the difference, I smoke (Traeger pellet grill) almost all of my meat. The brisket comes out nice, firm but extremely tender. Itís a 12 hr. process though so you need to schedule apprpriately. If I do pork ribs, I use the 3-2-1 process, and they can be too soft, depending on the amount of liquid you use in the 2 hr. wrap stage. Just a couple of tbs liquid per rack is plenty. Iím getting hangry!