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Originally Posted by NemesisX View Post
Eh I don't know about that. I'm looking this up now and it looks like a 1989 Ferrari Testarossa was $181,000 in 1989 dollars, which is about $386,000 in current dollars.

Even among supercars you can get a superior Ferrari product (in every metric) for less than $386,000 brand new.
I don't know about Ferraris, but the average car price in 1970 according to Google was around $23k in todays money. Average car today is around $36k. So it has gone up, but also a lot more tech and what not in cars.

I also wonder how much of that higher average is just because people choose to buy more expensive cars. I mean around here BMWs and Mercedes are like corollas. Was everyone in 1970 driving around in BMWs and Mercedes?