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Originally Posted by Laosboixx781 View Post
Lets get a few things straight.. Before you put me on blast..
The Item was tested by the seller's shop and the seller himself, everything was in in perfect condition before the item was shipped out. The Buyers Shop spoke with the seller's shop and told the seller that they tested the suspension and everything was working fine, until they put it in, when they put it in that's when the issues occurred. Anything beyond that is between the seller and buyer. The buyer and the seller have each others contact number. in which they contacted each other.

My only involvement in this transaction was putting it on the forum, and I shipped it out Via Fed EX OVERNIGHT NEXT DAY. In which i did the Buyer a Favor.
By looking at that second picture the last coilover the perch is out of thread and bent.. they said that the person that bought it that they mess it up... Is funny how you can see it in the pic they said that the buyer did it hAha..