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Had similar gas mileage on a trip last week from northeast Indiana to the Bufflao NY area (approx 400 miles one way). I started off in COMFORT mode...then after so little traffic I actually switched over to Eco-Pro mode which I NEVER use if driving around in town. For the engine and power etc...I thought 24 MPG was pretty good.

Another interesting tid bit...I plugged my phone into the USB port in the glove box and had Google maps on as well as the iDrive map (both had the same directions)...and the Google map's (lady voice) would usually respond slightly before the iDrive's (lady voice) then the visuals would appear in the HUD. And as I crossed over into a new state...the Google map lady would let me know and welcome me to the new state over the car's speakers. And she also warned me of a speed trap area. It was a first in trying to operate both google maps & iDrive at the same time. More so surprised in that I didn't even know that my phone would give directions through the speakers. I'm not even sure what I did...I just remember that when I plugged the phone in with google map already initiated...I got a prompt in iDrive to select something (was it APPS?).
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