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Great post, getting the same message although right hand drive 640d F06. My problems started after taking the washer bottle out to clean filters that were all gunked up. In taking the bottle out I had 2 wires that ran under the door sill to what I assume is the antenna to the comfort access. The wire was tight and didn't want to move out of the way easily. Since doing the work I've started getting comfort access problems in the drivers door. Initially thought it was key fob and replaced that little battery. Still got the problem and intermittent comfort access from the boot (trunk) to the drivers side. Now I get the battery drain warning above along with reduced function of folding mirrors and steering wheel tilt. My cars done 95k miles and I still use start stop on daily basis, cars about 6 years old now so I wouldn't be surprised if it needs a new battery anyway. I vaguely remember that some of the cars have two batteries, anyone know what the 640D had in the F06?

Also does anyone have a reference or link on how to check the cabling to the comfort access antenna? My worry is I've damaged the cable and trying to identify if it is just signal and positive or positive and negative or something entirely different. Any idea if I can check the wiring to the antenna with just a multi meter or if it needs something a bit more special.