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Originally Posted by brad850csi View Post
The M5 comp pack was lower than the normal car but the M6 was the same. So if you're looking at people with the KW HAS installed for an M6 it will be the same as your car.
The M5 was a tad lower using a different shock and spring combo.

As for the M6 i dont know how they are the same height between comp and HAS. i have comp shocks that i took apart and pressed the kw perchs onto, and the kw perches are much lower than the standard comp shock perch height. that being said though, the kw kit max lowering is about 1.5" there are physical internal differences on the comp shock, but nothing is really different on the outside of the non comp to comp shock.

i might have a rear shock picture before i pressed them on for comparison.

PS: after re reading your post i think i misunderstood. if you are saying the M6 comp vs non comp are the same in drop after the kw that is correct. sorry for the confusion

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