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Originally Posted by mjposner View Post
I have purchased 4 cars from Off Lease. Still have Car #1; Car 2 cost me 43k, was flood totaled after 1.5 years, insurance gave me 3k more than I paid for the Car. Broke even on Car 4 very short term, kept Car 5 (2013 M6), lost about $20k in value in 3 years. I want a convertible and this one looks priced right. I think the claim of frame damage is actually false, its "self-reported" 1.5 years after accident. Terue 360 reprot says "No Damage Found." Factory warranty until August 2020, may just pay to extend.

Of course, if they won't give me what I want for my M4, forget it.
Nice, sounds like you have your experience as well! I was just trying to help people avoid those impulse purchases, something I do almost daily. In fact when I found my M6 for sale online (100ish miles away) and after speaking to the dealer over the phone, there was almost nothing that was going to convince me out of buying it. The only other way I wasn't coming home with it was if it somehow burnt down in the dealership prior to my arrival lmao.

Its interesting to hear your viewpoint on the comparison between the M6 and M4. I had the M3 for a few months, much lighter and slightly more nimble especially for NYC streets. I learnt how to powerslide down an entire city block because the car just wants to break traction. The M6, is an entirely different animal beginning with its weight which makes it moreso of a highway hawk than for the street. Just as easy to break the rear, however when you do so be prepared because she still scares the hell out of me with traction control completely off.