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Originally Posted by MMMM6GC View Post
Nice build thread - appreciate the attention to detail and looking great so far!
Thanks for the kind words! I'm a pretty detail-oriented person and I figure being detailed with this thread can only help others

Originally Posted by MMMM6GC View Post
It's a shame you have the exact same issue on the tint as I (and a lot of us owners) do.

The dot matrix is a nightmare to cover and sticks out like a sore thumb to me everytime I look at my car. It's been on my list to address but haven't had chance yet. I know it's been covered on the forum in the past, but the only solution I found was to get the tint done again by an OCD installer who could try different films, and really spend the time to do the job properly. I'm certainly not a fan of the "sand down" or "paint over" solutions suggested by some...was thinking of having a go at it with a heat gun but don't really hold much hope.
Yeah the tint is frustrating, rear window I can handle it a bit better than the side windows just because it does jump out at you that much more at profile.

Next week I think I may be bringing it back up to the place that did the tint to address some small bubbles down by the HUD that don't seem to be disappearing. Perhaps I'll see what (if anything) can be tried to achieve a better seal on the dot matrix.